At Sandy Tree Communications, communicating your message is our goal.

Our team of writers and editors have over 15 years of experience in business, technical, and creative writing.

At Sandy Tree Communications, there are six branches of services for your communication needs; start the buzz required to attract the attention of both new and returning clientele, achieve clearly written details for your clients and employees to follow, teach and train with our clearly detailed course and training materials, apply for funds with well-crafted grant proposals, bring your creative project from concept to fruition, describe visual elements of pictures and videos so your messaging is accessible.

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Technical Writing

Instructional Design

Creative Writing

Alison is a deeply creative writer who applies her soul to words with the result that the readers soul is stirred. Also, her range of writing style is vast; from poetic imagery to high impact screenwriting to powerful yet concise technical writing, Alison gets the job done.

Shelley Reichelt, Creative Writing Solutions

It has been a learning experience and a pleasure working with Alison Neuman on the screenplay for my novel Whale Song. Not only is she efficient, conscientious and meets deadlines, she is talented and has vision--something that no writer should be without. I would not hesitate to collaborate with her again.

 – Cheryl Kaye Tardif, author of Whale Song, Divine Intervention and The River

Creative doesn't even begin to describe the writing from Alison. She takes my basic ideas and just runs with them, all the time making sure to grab the listeners and entice them to act upon the "Call for Action" ... not only are the spots entertaining but they're highly effective. I couldn't recommend a better copy writer. Thanks Alison!

 – Gary Connolly, SoundSource Studios

Alison takes great care and thought in the way that she approaches her work. Her attention to detail is evident in each part of her writing, making sure that information is accurate and thorough. She applies her research skills to every project that she writes which supports the content of her writing. The result is a well written and well edited document that is done with clarity, conciseness, and preciseness. Good work, Alison!

 – Lucille Mazo, MacEwan University